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Giovanna Benzi
[...] Giovanna Benzi, through the shapes of the wind, weaves aerial landscapes of admirable beauty, inviting us to look up to return to our childhood. With virtuosity of sign and color, she creates artworks in which sky and clouds become the protagonists of celestial landscapes where the silence of metaphysical memory creates an imaginary ideal of stillness. [...]

Ermenegildo Frioni
[...] Giovanna Benzi with her painting reveals her atmospheric soul (to paraphrase Roberto Tassi, it is ‘‘the fusion between psyche and nature where infinite nature and infinite psyche overlap’’). Sensible to mobile fluidity of emotions and nature, that blend in her paintings, innovated by a poetic charm and ability to be amazed by the inexhaustible beauty of the world. [...]

Gabriele Simongini
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